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Rick Sanchez: Everything You Need To Know

Richard "Rick" Sanchez, also known as Rick C-137, is the main character of Rick and Morty. He is a genius scientist and professional alcoholic who has been absent from the family for 20 years. How well do you know him?


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When is Rick and Morty Season 5 Coming Out?

Every time a new season of Rick and Morty wraps up no matter how long it takes it always feels like it came and went way too soon. Now that season 4 was concluded on such an incredible note everyone is probably wondering when is season 5 coming out and will it take another three years.


The Philosophy of Rick and Morty

We often look down on people who take things too literally, but some of Rick and Morty’s most hilarious jokes are derived from being “literal”.


Top 10 Simpsons Villains

Today we're counting down our picks for the top ten villains from The Simpsons. For this list, we're looking at some of the best one-offs and recurring antagonists from The Simpsons. Who are your top 10 best Simpsons villains?