About Us


Hi! We're Rasti and Maja, two siblings born in Slovakia, coming from the village in the middle of nowhere.
We spent our childhood watching all kinds of cartoons, from old Eastern European ones to Looney Tunes, and later on to South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, and others.
We would always wonder, what it would be like if we were a part of the cartoon movie.

Can you imagine spending a day with Peter Griffin, drinking a beer with Homer or exploring outer space with Rick and Morty? We certainly can.
And now as irresponsible adults, we took the world into our hands and made it happen. That's how Limited Merchandise was born.

#1 Rule of Limited Merchandise - "Don't take yourself too seriously"


Our Mission

Our mission is to make your dreams come true and make you part of your favorite cartoon series.
Our goal is to make you a part of the world where everything is possible.



Our Products

Our products - Our small group of independent designers will draw you in your chosen cartoon style, and then we'll craft your product with your custom photo printed on it.

We do craft canvas wraps, posters, framed posters, and stickers.

"We want our products to make you a part of the cartoon world where everything is possible."

Thank you for visiting our store and feel free to shoot us a message!